Permanent residency

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Permanent residency

If you want to continue living in Japan for a long time, why don’t you consider getting a permanent residency? It has no need for a renewal nor a restriction on work.

Permanent residents are the people from abroad, given a permission by the Ministry of Justice to live in Japan as long as they want.

One of the best advantages of having a permanent residency is that it doesn’t have a restriction on the job you get. You are allowed to get any job you want, besides the ones that are illegal. You are also allowed to stay as long as you want, so no need to go through visa renewal processes ever again (except when you get deported. Then your permanent residency will be taken away).

Getting a permanent residency is recommend to those who have lived in Japan for a long time for work or family stay, as well as to the ones married to a Japanese person or a permanent resident in Japan. Permanent residency will give you more secured life in Japan.

You are not qualified to apply for a permanent residency until you’ve lived in Japan with a visa for more than 10 years. This duration might change slightly depending on what visa you have.

There are many important factors to be covered in order to get an application for a permanent residency accepted. The risk of them denying an application is high if you collect and prepare the necessary documents by yourself without knowing these important points.

We will assist you in every details with our expertise, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation.


plansproceduresPrice(plus tax )
Basic plan

Please gather all the necessary documents and send them to the office. We will fill out these documents.

for employees120,000

for company executives, and business owners

Full support plan

For those who want to save time.
We will collect all the necessary documents for you.

for employees140,000

for company executives, and business owners

Friendly plan

For those who want to cut the cost as much as possible
*Please pay everything upfront. 50,000 yen for employees, 60,000 for company executives, and busimay apply ness owners

for employees50,000

for company executives, and business owners


*If you are requesting us to submit the application at the Immigration Bureau somewhere far from Osaka (more than one hour one way), we will charge an extra 10,000 yen and tax on top of the fees above.

Additional costs may apply depending on the difficulty of the procedures

There is an additional charge for the following situations:

examples of additional chargefee(plus tax)
If you have dependents who are not living with you
(i.e. parents or siblings back home)
If you have been deported in the past50,000~
Reapplication after the previous one got denied30,000~
  *We will estimate the cost depending on your situation.
Optional menu
Translating your country’s official documents into Japanese1,000 yen per A4 size paper
Crafting the written statement of reasons20,000~
Visiting for consultation
Visiting to the area which is more than an hour away from Osaka City
10,000 yen per trip
Submitting the application at the Immigration Bureau by yourself10,000 yen disct only if we submitted the applicaoion for you. unt
*If you choose this option, you would have to go get the residence card by yourself
Receive the residence card (in case of status change or renewal) at the Immigration Bureau by yourself5,000 yen discount only if we submitted the application for you.
Collecting the necessary documents for you30,000~
If you haven’t done the necessary general procedures at the Immigration Bureau, and us doing them for you10,000~
Payment method and timing
Accepted payment methods
direct deposit or cash
*please note that depot fee will be on you
Accepted payment timing
pay in two installments, the start and end of the service

Service contents

 Service contentsBasic planFull support planFriendly plan
1Free general consulting in regards to the visa application procedures×
2Making the list of all the necessary documents
3Collecting all the necessary Japanese government related documents××
4Making the application materials ready to be submitted×
5Crafting the written statement of reasons×
6Double checking the application materials before submission
7Submitting the application at the Immigration Bureau×
8Responding to the follow-up letter of questions from the Immigration Bureau and help submitting the additional materials×
9Checking in the progress of the application processing periodically××
10Receiving the application result×
11Receiving the residence card (in case of status change or renewal)×
What if the application gets denied?

We will support in anyway possible to help you get the application accepted, but the ultimate decision is in the hand of the Immigration Bureau. In any circumstances, no one can guarantee the acceptance of the application. Regardless the type of the application made, we will investigate the reason of denial in the worst case scenario, and have you choose one of the following options

  1. If a declined application was so close to getting accepted, then the Immigration Bureau might give a chance to resubmit the application. In this case, we will take care of the re-submission without a charge.
  2. We will refund the payment besides the fee for preparing the documents and all the other expenses incurred during the procedures.

*We cannot refund anything if the reason of denial is on you.

  • Examples
  • You hid some information
  • You lied a part of the contents
  • You submitted a fake document to office
  • You committed a crime after the request for service or during the processing of the application
  • You didn’t pay the tax, the health insurance, and the pension.
  • You don’t answer to some questions necessary for the application, or you don’t cooperate with us in collecting and submitting the necessary documents
  • You don’t respond to the request from the Immigration Bureau to submit some additional documents
  • You lost or changed the job during the application process and the income has drastically dropped
  • The application you submitted for a special permission to stay got denied while working on this procedure, or the allowance to stay became one year (except if you submitted the application for a special permission to stay through with us).
  • You cancel the request for service for your personal reasons
Other things to keep in mind
  • On top of the service fee, we will charge you the fee for submitting the application, acquiring the documents, transportation, mailing, translating, and other expenses.
  • Even if you choose the full-support plan, we might ask you to get some documents which only you are allowed to get.
  • The service fee listed in this site is the estimate of the procedure and is different in each situation. We will give you more detailed estimate once we get in contact.
  • The first 60 minutes of your initial consultation is free
  • for individual customers
  • for businesses
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