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Eri Okada Chief Administrative Scrivener at Administrative Scrivener Office of Eri Okada
Certified Administrative Scrivener
Certified Immigration Lawyer
Qualification for
End of Life Planner
Member of Cosmos Institute of General Guardianship Support Center
Eri Okada’s personal history
I was born in the Osaka City on May 1981. I graduated from the law school at Kwansei Gakuin University, and married to a Cambodian man. I lived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for a half year and spent a year in Ueda City in Nagano Prefecture. I now live in Osaka and prefer cat over dog.

The story until I became an Administrative Scrivener

My childhood dream – working in a law firm

Since I was a child, I always looked up to lawyers and prosecutors. Sometime after I got admitted to a law school at Kwansei Gakuin University, I thought about taking the bar exam, but decided not to in the end as it was too difficult. This did not stop my desire to pursue the career in the field of law. With the aim to get an industry experience, I started working part-time at a law firm. After the graduation, worked full-time as a clerk in a law firm as a start of my career.

My main duty at the law firm was to assist a lawyer on helping customers consolidating debts including bankruptcy, getting divorced, dividing inheritance, drawing up a last will and testament, and utilizing the adult guardianship system. Through my work experience at this firm, I learned how to choose and prepare appropriate documents for each procedure.

I was my pleasure to get involved in the job I always looked up to. What made it even better was that some customers showed their appreciation to us clerks not only to the lawyers. Acts like this made me feel how amazing it is to be thanked by someone for my work.

Turning point of my life – marrying a Cambodian man

One day, a friend of mine asked me to tag along with her to see the Angkor Wat. Luckily I was able to take a long vacation, so decided to go with her despite that I didn’t even know where the Angkor Wat was. During the trip in Cambodia, I ended up visiting many historical sites not only the Angkor Wat. I fell in love with this country after seeing its landscape and interacting with the locals.

I had barely gone out of Osaka throughout my lifetime up until I went to Cambodia for the first time. Since then, I visited Cambodia by myself every time when I had a long vacation. Even though I was shy, I started taking a part in Cambodia related events out of the desire to know more about this country. I ended up marring a Cambodian man who I met during my visits. This was the most surprising event that have happened to me as I was nowhere close to interacting with people from abroad.


Why I started thinking of becoming an Administrative Scrivener – the immigration process for my husband

My husband and I decided to live in Japan. Since I worked for a law firm, I was confident to do all the immigration procedures for my husband by myself. The actual procedure, however, was unique and very different from the court procedures. I was underestimating the complication of the immigration visa application. Luckily, there was no problem in the documents and my husband got to Japan as planned, but it is something I would never go through again without the help from a professional.

By going through this immigration procedure for my husband, I started thinking of getting a certificate to be an Administrative Scrivener. There must be many people who are struggling with all the complicated procedures prepared for foreigners. Utilizing my experience of actually going through the whole process myself, I believed that I could be a help for them. This was when my interest for Administrative Scrivener began to grow.

I’ve always been working as a clerk, supporting lawyers, but I can directly help people facing problems with procedures including visa applications if I become a certified Administrative Scrivener. I thought this would be my last opportunity to actually practice law instead of just working in the field, and decided to take the exam for the certificate. I self-taught all the materials of the exam and thought of quitting many times on the way. After occupying myself with the preparation for the exam for 8 months, I passed the exam in the first try. I finally got a chance to work independently and open an office as a certified Administrative Scrivener.

And now…

I offer consultation sessions mostly for foreigners and assist them with all the complicated procedures they need to complete. I also use the most out of my work experience at the law firm to support people with several other procedures such as dividing inheritance, drawing up a last will and testament, and utilizing the adult guardianship system. These are all important procedures in life. I will try my best to support with all these procedures so that you can live happily without worrying about them.

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Administrative Scrivener Office of Eri Okada