About consultation

QHow can I get a consultation?
AFirst and foremost, please reach out to us via phone or email.
Then if necessary, you can make an appointment to have an in-person consulting session.
QCan I be from any country to get a consultation?
AYes, anyone is welcome.
QCan I get a consultation in any language besides Japanese?
AWe are sorry, but the consultation is done only in Japanese. If you have a trouble communicating in Japanese, please reach out to us ahead of time.
QI am not sure what procedures I have to take. Is it a problem?
AThere’s no need to worry. We will propose the best steps to take after listening to your desire and understanding where you are at.
QI don’t have time to visit the office. What should I do?
AWe can meet up at the location which is more convenient for you. We can also adjust the time according to your schedule. We are available to meet even in the evenings on weekdays, weekends, and public holidays. Please reach out to us in order to set up a meeting outside the office.
QIs it ok if I secretly ask the people around me for an advice?
AYes, you are free to talk with the people around you. We are obligated to keep your information within ourselves, so there is no need to worry about the information leaking. Depending on the procedure you choose to take, you might need the help from the outside party like your family members and the company you work for. Please reach out to us if you have any concerns.
QIs the consultation free?
AYes, the first 60 minutes during the first visit are free.
QCan I get a free consultation on any topic?
AUnfortunately not. The topic includes but not limited to the general procedure and easy check for applications. In occasions such as when the consultation involves the detailed explanation of your background or requies legal judgements, the consultation is not free. If your request involves but not limited to making the list of documents needed for the application, checking the documents you have made, researching and analyzing the previously declined application, you need to make a formal request for service or pay for the counseling.
QI want to do all the procedure by myself, so can you just tell me which documents are needed?
AEven if the application process is the same, the necessary documents could be different each person.
We will help you clarify which documents are needed once you make a formal request for service. We cannot do this in the free counseling session.
QCan you check the documents I made my own?
AIn order to check the documents, I may need some detailed information about you, of it might require legal decisions to be made. Therefore, we cannot check the documents you have made in a free counseling session. Please make a formal request a service or pay for a counseling session.

About requesting a service

QCan I request a service over the phone or email?
AGenerally, we do not accept a request over the phone or email. We want to help you understand the necessary steps and pricing by meeting and explaining in person. Once you understand these, you are welcome to make a request. If you are in a situation which does not allow you to visit the office, please reach out to us.
QI do not have the time to gather all the necessary documents. Can you collect them for me?
AWe have a premium plan which comes with all the necessary documents prepared by the office, but there are some papers we are legally not allowed to get for you. For these documents, you will still need to gather by yourself.
QCan you do all the process for me?
ALegally, there are some processes we are not allowed to do for you. Some instances are: the procedure for taxation, insurance and pension, and real estate and business registration. If you need to go through these procedures, we will refer you to an appropriate professional.
QIf I pay the premium, can you make all the documents necessary for me?
ANo, unfortunately we cannot make all the documents without your help. We make these documents based on the information you provide. Some documents require your signature or stamp, or hand writing. That is why we need your cooperation in order to make the procedure go smoothly.

About pricing

QAre there fixed timing for making payments?
AWe generally ask you to pay half of the total amount when you make the request for service. Once the service is complete, I’ll ask you to pay the rest of the amount. To make the payment, you can either deposit or pay by cash. If you are unable to take neither of these payment options, then please reach out to us ahead of time.
QDoes the price include other actual costs such as commission and travel expenses?
ANo, the actual expenses including the commission necessary for the procedure, travel, accommodation, mailing, and translation expenses are not a part of the price. We ask you to pay these out-of-pocket expenses after all the procedures are done, when you make the payment for the another half of the total price. When we estimate the actual expenses to be high, we might ask you to pay ahead of time.
QIf the application gets denied, can you refund the fee?
AOur response to the declined application is different depending on each case. In situations when the application got denied due to your fault, we cannot refund the fee for the process. These situations include but not limited to you lying during the process, and not reporting the change in personal circumstances during the process.
QHow much will it be if I make a formal request for service?
AWe will make an estimate of all the fees for each procedure before you reques a service. We want you to make a decision to request after you understand the process and it’s expenses. Please let us know if you have any questions before making a request.
QThere are some offices offering a lower price for service. Why should I request a service here?
AEvery office has its own standard for choosing the appropriate price. Of all these places, we want you to choose the one which fit with your desire the most.


QCan I know the progress with my procedure?
AYes, please reach out to us and we will explain to you in details.
QWill my application get accepted if I request for service?
AThe ultimate decision is up to the administration. No matter how much effort we put on the application, there’s no guarantee that your application will be accepted. We will, however, try our best to get your application through.
QWhat’s the possibility of my application getting accepted?
AIt’s a difficult question to answer. Even in the same process, the probability changes depending on the situation of applicants. We will first understand your circumstances and give you the best estimate objectively.
QThe due date is coming close. Can you please help me?
AWe try out best to respond to your request in a timely manner, but we might not be able to fulfill your needs in some circumstances. Please reach out to us well ahead of time.
QCan you give me some recommendations on study abroad programs and job opportunities?
AUnfortunately, we do not offer a service to help you in those.
QCan you teach me Japanese?
AAlthough we cannot teach technical terms nor help you do your homework, we are willing to answer to some basic questions you might have. In return, we expect you to teach us some of your language.
  • The first 60 minutes of your initial consultation is free
  • for individual customers
  • for businesses
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