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For individual customers

Every person from abroad is required to have a visa to stay in Japan regardless of your situation; whether you’re married to a Japanese person or you have a job in Japan. There was a case when a person from abroad made a company in Japan, but the founder could not operate it due to the lack of a visa.

People from abroad have to go through complicated processes in order to obtain an appropriate visa. The risk of your application getting denied is high if you prepare the necessary documents without covering the important points. The applications made in the past might affect you when changing your visa status, extending the period of stay, or applying for a permanent residency or citizenship.

We provide services specialized for the people from abroad, which include assisting the international marriage and the spouse visa application, the establishment of a company, and the application for a permanent residency and citizenship. We will try our best for you to get what you need, so please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

For employers

For the employers who are considering hiring an employee from abroad.

A well qualified candidate applied for the job, but the candidate turned out to be from abroad. I want to hire this candidate. What should I do?

There are several complicated procedures to be done in order to hire a person from abroad. If your plan is to bring a person to Japan from another country, then you would need to get her/him a visa. If you want to hire a foreigner living in Japan, then you have to help the candidate change the status of the visa s/he owns right now.

Unless the necessary procedures are completed correctly, it is not possible to have your qualified candidate to work in Japan.

Each visa has its own regulations to in which field the person is allowed to work in, or whether the person can work in Japan at all. If you happen to hire an employee with inappropriate visa statues, your company might get in trouble for the encouragement of illegal employment.

Providing the services to help hiring people from abroad is one of our specialties. We will try our best to ensure a smooth hiring process for candidates from abroad, so please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

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